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They Have What They Need

Title: They Have What They Need
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I do not claim to own any rights to the comic or movie The Losers.
Notes: Written for the prompt: Cougar doesn't like sex, but he and Jensen are still madly in love on thelosers_kink 
A/N: Reposted from the kink meme

Jensen leaned against the door frame, the weak bathroom light illuminating him, pale and sleep frazzled – stripped to his boxers. Staring into the darkness of the bedroom Jensen’s face lit in a pure smile. The blankets were kicked from the bed and for once Cougar was not curled in on himself as he slept. Cougar’s face was free of worry and Jensen was happy for a night free of terrors.

He ran his hand over the door frame once more before running it along the wall to the light switch. In the deepened darkness Jensen made slow movements toward the bed. When this relationship began it wasn’t meant to be a secret. But they don’t know how to make the team understand.

Jensen slid along the mattress, tugging the sheet up to his hips as he sought the place behind Cougar’s shoulder blades. Running a hand over the back of Cougar’s neck, Jensen pushed the hair over his shoulder and placed a kiss to the expanse of skin.

What they have is nothing like what Aisha and Clay have.
It is not raw and panted breathes against shoulders while deft fingers rip fabric from skin.

It is not the itching of fingers to feel blood well between the thinnest of metal and the tender flesh between their partner’s ribs.

They do not feel the same need and urgency Roque did.
It is not bombs beneath Clay’s car so that the bimbo making squeaky noises on an even squeakier mattress is kicked from Clay’s apartment and selfish enough to take pride in getting rid of his competition.

What they have is closer to Pooch’s all encompassing love for Jolene but without the ache to make love after ages away.
They are happily sexually inactive, by some miracle.

It is filled with Cougar’s nose crinkling when Jensen kisses him with morning breath. Their love is filled with fierce protectiveness and extra effort put into watching each other’s backs. After a mission the need to feel that they are both alive is easily nourished by Cougar’s hands checking Jensen for injury, or their fingers brushing in the HUM-V.

Cougar does not love sex. He does not love the raw rutting on carpets and mattresses and tables and desk and grass, in the back of cars or –

He does love the feeling of Jensen’s shoulder against his own as the team makes a getaway. He does love Jensen’s knuckles beneath his lips.

Jensen loves Cougar just as madly as he would if his libido got playtime because he has what he needs.

Cougar rolled over on the bed, pupils large in the darkened room. His hands run chastely over Jensen’s jaw, fingers combing Jensen’s hair. He loves the smell of the blonde’s skin when they wake up in the morning. His insomnia is soothed by Jensen’s sleep babbling.

Cougar leaned forward and brushed his lips over Jensen’s before settling in to sleep. Jensen smiled well into sleep.

All they need is each other’s presence and they want for nothing more.
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