Cougar Centric

Hey everyone. I am looking for any bottom Cougar fics or cougar centric fics. I know they are rare but I feel like there has to be some out there. I'm okay with anything gender bender, Mpreg, any pairing, or really anything as long as Cougar is the bottom. I have found some but not many and was hoping someone would know of more. I heard someone said they read an Mpreg were Cougar was the one pregnant but I have not been able to find it. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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My fic-finding mojo has failed me!

All I remember about the fic is The Losers are stopped at a gas station (I think) and Jake is doing something computers. As usual, he’s completely absorbed and Cougar is looking out for him/taking care of him and gives him a bottle of pop (soda for all you non-midwesterners) to keep him hydrated/keep his blood sugar up. It’s all completely normal ‘cause this is just what Cougar does. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I thought I had bookmarked it but I can’t find it now. Thanks in advance for any help!

Found Jensen/Cougar fic!

I cannot find this title for the life of me! I remember it started out with Jensen carrying Roque on his back and Cougar was leading the way in a desert setting and along the way Jensen collapsed from an injury. They end up in this cave and Cougar has to care for both Roque and Jensen. They need to get to the border of somewhere so Jensen still needs to carry Roque on his back and he just gets worse and worse along the way. They eventually make it and thr others pick them up. Please help its drving me crazy that I cant find this thing!
Tudors - St. Basterd

Family Dynamics podfic

Hey yall. So I know that Pistol left the community but my copy of We Know How It works got lost in a HD fail and it meant so much to me (it cannot be overstated - I had a major illness and that podfic was what I listened to while in hospital) and I'm having a hard time again and am trying to find it now but she's gone. I understand why but I just...Yeah. If anyone would be willing to share it with me privately I'd be so grateful. Thank you.


Looking for a fic

I am lokking for a fic where Jensen doesnt trust Aisha, Clay does not react well to this, he doesnt listen. The team is kind of conflicted.
Then they have to split up, to two different locations. Aisha turns on them, I dont remember if it was her selling them out to Max or to someone else.
At least one of the team members get hurt. (Maybe Pooch getting shot?)

I am pretty sure I read it on ao3, but I cant find it... or remember more about it.

It is really bugging me. Any help is apreciated.
Thanks in advance :)

Fic Recs, Ideally Jensen centric

Hey y'all. I've definitely joined this bandwagon late, but it is just so amazing, I can't help but being really invested now. So I am looking for recs for a couple of prompts (ideally Jensen/Cougar, Jensen focused, but I am open to whatever), anything that you think would work would be amazing! So:

1. I was reading jujitsuelf "Payback is a Bitch" part one, which features Jensen tied up and gagged, and experimenting with spanking. I was wondering if there are any fics in which one of them has to use their safe word, and the subsequent comfort/caring/worry after? I would be in love if there are any of Jensen using a safe word, but I would accept anything really.

2. Out of curiosity, I read an Avenger Steve/Tony fic in which Steve carelessly yells at Tony to shut up really aggressively one day, and Tony becomes basically mute because of previous abuse and a fear of losing Steve. I was wondering if there might be anything similar with Jensen, in which either the team or his partner or anyone really gets on him for talking too much, and Jensen stops talking, either in actual fear or just to prove a point.

3. I read, "'Cause I'm Having a Good Time," which is basically the formation of the team and slow development of Jensen/Cougar and team dynamics pre-movie, and was wondering if there were any other extensive team origin fics, or just pre-movie/comic fics in general. I would be down for just one shots or large fics as well. Open to the full creation of the team, or just adding a final member, etc.

4. Your best Jensen!hurt fics. Pre movie, during movie, after movie, AU, (preferably not gender swap or rule 63) etc. I will take anything; hit me with your feels.

5. Finally, I am a sucker for any fics in which my primary character gets to be a surprising badass or talented bugger. By this, I mean they come out of nowhere and save the day, or they secretly always knew how to speak another language and then they suddenly surprise their friends, or they can magically play the piano, or french braid hair, or professional skateboard, etc. If there is anything like this in this fandom, specifically for Jensen, I will be in love.

Thanks for your recs! If you have anything that I just need to read, and it doesn't fit in with those other categories, I will never turn down great fics! Thanks for your help!

Lost fic

I'm looking for a fic where Jensen isn't a loser yet and meets Cougar in a class. Everyone is sill military and I think they were all trying to catch a bad guy. I remember they get shot at at some point. Also, if anyone has any of Symbioticdeath's fics I'd gladly give them a home as I can no longer find them. Thanks in advance:)

Lost fic -FOUND!!

Hi all!
Im looking for a fic and I can't rememeberthe author or the title. It a Cougar/Jensen story. Theres a scene where they're at a bar and Jensen overhears Cougar talking to a friend. Cougar is basically bad mouthing someone who wears glasses and obnoxious tshirts. Naturally Jense thinks that Cougar is talking about him. Some stuff happen that I cant remember but in the end Jensen finds out that Cougar was talking about a different techie. I think they were dating but I cant remember.

Im also looking for one that is post-comics. There was a scene where Jensen is at like an oceanside villa thing trying to move on after Cougar. When Cougar as a ghost visits him. They try to figure out what is happening. For some reason I remember that Cougar turned into bubbles??

Can you guys help me out??

Update: the first one is "The Right Words to Break Me up". The author has different names.
The second one is: "Famous Last Words" by jendavis.
Thank you!

Fic: Death Stranding

Title: Death Stranding
Author: joidianne4eva
Fandom: The Losers
Characters/Pairings: Jensen/Cougar
Rating: Teen
Warning: Body Horror
Word Count: 2,127
Note: Huge thanks to cougars_catnip for the beta. This was heavily influenced by the death stranding trailer.

Summary: “I don’t like to think about it but if I didn’t have you all…”

“You would live,” Cougar cut in and Jensen sucked in a breath.

Cougar was right, he’d live.

He’d live because he couldn’t do anything else but he wouldn’t do it alone.

Death Stranding